How to kickstart 2021

Billy Cunningham

December 18, 2020

As one year closes and a new year is just round the corner, I always feel this is the perfect opportunity to reflect on your drumming, your achievements and goals and look forward to greater opportunities with your drumming in the New Year.


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Sometimes it’s hard to know how to get started in the New Year after a long break enjoying the Christmas festivities! This blog will hopefully help you ‘kickstart’ your drumming with a few basic concepts and fill you with inspiration.

1: Play Rudiments

These are perfect to get the hands in shape again. They will develop your control, speed and warm up those drumming muscles ready to start the new term.

Beginners can play the three main rudiments; Singles Strokes, Double Strokes and the Paradiddles.

Intermediate players can do the above and also play flams, ruffs and drags.

Advanced players can practise the above and Paradiddle-diddles, Inverted Paradiddles, 5 Stroke Rolls, 6 Stroke Rolls and 7 stroke rolls.

For more info on Rudiments read this blog: The Rudiments

2: Listen to some of your favourite music

Sometimes hearing a great beat in a song can draw you to the drums and inspire your practise. Also listen to and watch drummers play on videos. One of my favourite drummers is an American player Chris Coleman who’s drumming is just mind boggling! Every time I hear him play I just have to get on the drums ASAP! See this video below which is an example of his incredible skills!

3: Write a practise schedule

This can be as simple or as detailed as you wish but having a routine can really help maintain regular practise to help you reach your drumming goals.

See my video below on my top five practise tips:

4: Learn a challenging drum-fill

Learning a drum-fill that will stretch your technique and practise can really help your development and it’s fun too. It involves counting, practising sticking’s (Rs and Ls), helps your rhythm and your sense of time.

Here’s an example of a previous drum fill challenge:

I hope this blog will kickstart your drumming in the New Year, but for now have a wonderful Christmas!

As always if you have any questions please ask.

Have a great time drumming!  



Happy holidays
and seasons greetings to all.